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About Me

II was born and raised in Sevilla, Spain, and my artistic sensibilities are influenced greatly by my Spanish cultural background.


I love shapes and colors, and have had a long-term interest in surrealism and magic realism.  I am currently based in the beautiful redwoods of La Honda, California. To learn more about my artistic trajectory, check out this video ----------------->


Follow me in instagram @delmasoult or @theinvisiblegoddessproject

Artist Statement

Artistic practice is a sacred ritual where I can be present with myself and connect with something bigger than me. 


I enjoy the magic of creation through the subconscious and creating bizarre, mysterious and vibrant landscapes that combine lush organic shapes, colors and symbols as a way of searching deep into myself and the collective unconscious. 


I use a variety of mediums and experiment with new ways of art making: from oils to acrylics, mosaics, encaustic, digital art, photography, collages, videos and mixed media. 

Some of the questions that inspire my work are:

Who am I, truly, outside systems of oppression? 

What are my wounds ? How can I heal them?

How can I fully manifest my divine feminine power into the universe?  

This inquiry has led me to explore not just my own internal wounds but those of the human collective. The discovery of the Sacred Feminine led me to the realization that I have been craving my own magic and have a great desire to ride the wild waves of new feminine energy stirring up in me and breaking down all the old ways that have deeply damaged myself and my true potential. It also led me to the realization that we are all in deep need of universal healing because of masculine values imposed on us through generations of patriarchy.  

My Invisible Goddess Project and my series on The Emerging Feminine are evocations and exaltation of the feminine to create a “female euphoria” and a celebration of the sexual exuberance and rising of life in its pure feminine form. They are also creative tools that I am using to bring the Sacred Feminine forward and to channel those feelings of anger and frustration into an inspiring guide for transformation. I am currently working on a new series of oil paintings that render postmenopausal ecstasy as a sacred challenge to patriarchy.

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