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Madrone Arts

I am part of Madrone Arts, a newly formed artist co-op located in Pescadero, California.


We are a  group of artists passionate in our commitment to create a local venue actively engaged in art.  We join together as artists with a passion to advance our artistic expression but also promote art-centered community engagement.

As a co-op, we share resources, decision-making, governance, success and risk. 

To learn more about Madrone Arts, visit us at

To learn more about the creation of Madrone arts, check out this cool prezi.

Screen Shot 2023-12-22 at 3.19.57 PM.png
_RIV4127 v2 copy.jpg

If you are an artist, and would like to participate in our on-going exhibitions, there are several ways to participate.

More info here:


Our arts exhibition and learning space includes the Annex which is located inside the gallery surrounded by the artwork currently on exhibit. 

We are also looking for art facilitators to hold art workshops at our space. More info and how to sign up here:

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