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Recent Exhibits

Madrone Arts Opening, Group Art Show. Madrone Arts, Oescadero, CA Dec 23 Abstract San Francisco, Group Art Show. Art Fuse SF, April 22, 2023

Art Fuse SF Launch, Group Art Show, Oct 21, 2022

Mudhouse Group Art Show, Agios Ioannis, Crete, Greece, July 9, 2022

Women Rising, Group Art Show. The Drawing Room Gallery, SF, March 12-Apr 24, 2022

Women’s View 2022, Group Art Show, San Mateo, CA, April 2022

5x5x5. Group Art Show. Arc Gallery, SF, Aug 28-21, 2021

Mission Kiss, Group Art Show, SF, 2020-2022

Corazones, Annual Arte Motu Guerrilla Group Art Show, 2012-2022

La Honda Garden Group Art Show, 2019-22

Arte Motu Sketchbook Project, 2019

Cafe Cuesta, La Honda, Solo Show, 2012

Capradero, a Lot of Fish Goats, Are Motu Group Show, May 7-15, 2011, Pescadero, CA

Capradero, a Lot of Goats, Arte Motu Group Show, May 1-27, 2010, Pescadero, CA

La-Di-Da Cafe, Arte Motu Group Show, Feb 5-28, 2009

South Coast Artist Alliance, Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival (2007-2023)

Artist Residencies

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